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Abyss is a freediving school, and a lot more. An extraordinary human energy, a space for inner discovery, exchange, travels, sharing and much more.

First aid and training

Our team is qualified to certify for First aid, Basic life support, automated external defibrillator, Oxygen...etc. We give courses for companies, divers and freedivers, basic and advanced courses to face emergency and care situations


You dream to discover oceans with people you love, freedive, interract with mantas rays, turtles, and other species, contribute to save the planet, engage yourself in a sportive, human and ecologic way? Here you are!


The art of equalisation will condition the quality of your dives. Abyss offers dry private lessons with professional measurement tools to meet your specific needs.


Abyss is engaged in many philanthropic projects. Télévie, Cap 48, medical research in association with doctors, researchers, students. You want to participate, contribute, find out more?

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