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Abyss, School of Apnea

Abyss is a school offering people from 10 to 99 years to discover freediving.


With Abyss the objective is never competition but harmony and pleasure.


You have always been fascinated by aquatic element, you have previous experience of swimming, diving, snorkelling, or absolutely nothing at all? You are at the top of your physical shape or on the contrary you are water phobic, you stopped to do sport 25 years ago and you want to find quietly a way back to your body? You have a disability that is not incompatible with the aquatic environment? In all those cases you can join Abyss school.

Small cinematic detour will help you to understand better our approach:



















In apnea, time does not exist, depth does not exist. Only your intimate relationship to your inner infinity exists.


Never ask, "How long do you hold your breathe?" or "How deep can you go?" The truth has to be find in the following question: "How intense was your journey? How did you get there?" The pleasure of every experience depends only on the state of relaxation that you will achieve. It is therefore impossible to compare his body, his journey, his results to those of his neighbor.


Abyss offers courses from simple baptism to the highest level. Every course is validated by a certificate. A first level allows you to learn the basics of freediving, and practice this discipline with a minimum of awareness and control.













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