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Abyss is a freediving school created by Paula Bazilio and Marie-Lorraine Weiss. Later Stéphanie Walther and Charlotte Dalschaert joined the team. The School delivers Apnea Academy, AIDA freediving certifications and DAN First aid courses.

The main goal of the school is to allow everyone to discover freediving in a joyful playfull and reassuring way through baptisms, trainings, workshops, trips, social and educational projects, participation in various events (Télévie, Cap 48 ...).

Abyss school is involved in the preservation of seas and oceans. Abyss want to make it's members aware of the need to respect the seas and ocreans.


Abyss is also concerned about the well-being of others and wants to be a welcoming and caring school. Everyone is welcome with their abilities, potentials, strengths weaknesses and doubts. We evolve all together over time, reinforcing a solid spirit of camaraderie, a playful aspect and a great professionalism.


The aspect of body, health, "taking care", psychologically as well as physically has a real importance for us and we are a professionnal team formed able to respond adequately to any kind fo situation in the water.


Ready for the adventure ?!


Paula Bazilio

Manager, business woman, freediver, talent organizer.

Paula Bazilio after a long and rich career as a business manager has decided to dedicate her talents to Abyss School of Apnea. She wants to develop the school on following axes: courses, workshops, travels, ecology, multimedia projects, she manages the school, the organization, the projects and the requests on a daily basis.

Marie-Lorraine Weiss

Apnea Academy instructor, Aida instructor, DAN first aid instructor.


Marie-Lorraine started freediving  with  FFESSM  in 2006, she became an Apnea Academy instructor in 2016, AIDA and DAN instructor in 2017. She follows training with the greatest champions for years and puts her teaching qualities at the service of beginners and experienced freedivers. She is also involved in all Abyss communication audiovisual and artistic projects.

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