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Apnea Academy and AIDA certificates


Abyss offers Apnea Academy and AIDA certifications courses. The courses are organized according to demand when a group is formed.

But what is a freediving certificate?

It's very simple: the only way to ensure you a long and happy life as a freediver, spearfisher or competitor without accidents.


But why? If your practice freediving respecting all the basic safety rules, the risk level is no higher than that of any other sport.

On the other hand, the dangers are multiple and deadly if you are not aware of what you are doing: overweighting, inappropriate equipment, waves, currents, dangers of fauna and flora, drowning, improper use of the snorkel, weights, poor pressure management, recovery times ... and much more.

This is the reason why an appropriate training will make you as good as a buddy than as a freediver. Which is essential. Those who dive with you should be able to trust you and your skills.


Apnea Academy certification training includes 9 hours of swimming, 4 hours of meditation, 4 hours of exercises to develop respiratory sensitivity, and 4 hours in deep pools or open water, plus a final theoretical test. A total of minimum 22 hours of training. If at the end of the training it turns out that the expectations are not met, do not panic! Allow yourself to take more time, kepp practicing at your own pace and finally complete your training.


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