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Specialized worshops

Abyss is always trying to learn more and improve with the greatest specialists in the world. Its students benefit from the best teachers all over the world.


What is a Workshop?

Generally two days of lessons and practice with a world champions such as Alessia Zecchini, Mateusz Malina, Umberto Pelizzari, Andrea Zuccari, Sarah Campbell, Branko Petrovic .... and many others.


You want to know what's coming next? Revolutionize your approach of the mind, equalisation, monofin, depth, DNF or spearfishing? Do not hesitate, send an email to

With Branko Petrovic static World Champion
With Alessia Zecchini multiple world champion in all disciplines
With Mateusz Malina multiple world champion
With Andrea Zuccari World Master of Compensation at TODI
With Frédéric Buyle and Patrick Musimu world champions at the opening of Némo 33
With Pierre Frolla in Monaco
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