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Philanthropic projects

For Abyss it is essential to engage in philanthropic projects for several reasons.


First on the level of research and the medical field. If we are no longer believing our body will crash under 50 meters due to pressure, freedivers are still ten years ahead of research. Freediving is the only sport where the results are far beyond all scientific projections. Science later will try to explain the phenomenon.


Brain, neurological changes, oxygen consumption, cardiac and hormonal control, capacities for relaxation and concentration, diving reflex, functioning of internal organs, mastery and deep understanding of breathing... after a few sessions the begginer will understand quickly that his quality of life has been changed for the better.























So, it is important for us to bring our stone to the building.


Abyss is also very sensitive to disability in all its forms. This is the reason why in 2018, we committed to Télévie, and that other initiatives are still under study!

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